Episode 2. New President!

The first episode! We talk about our new president, and does Chrissette Michele deserve the backlash she's getting.


Episode 3 Is California leaving us?

We are not Immigrants!


Episode 5. Segregated Schools

Episode 6. Syria


Episode 7. Depression in Cleveland?!


Episode 8. Has gentrification affected you?


Episode 9. Administrative leave


Episode 10. Love will make you do wrong

Episode 11. Suicidal Thoughts

Episode 12. Hazing Gone Wrong


Episode 13.Who's the victim?

Episode 14. Crossing The Line

Bill Cosby goes to court today. We weigh in on if him having a former co-host a good or bad look. If you have any doubts about leaving your love ones in a nursing home. We have a killer nurse in Canada. And did Bill Maher cross the line?

Episode 15. Words can hurt

Is it a crime to convince someone to commit suicide? A teen in Maryland is found guilty. It seems like we have no justice in Minnesota. Bill Cosby get a mistrial and Kenneth review the movie "The Belko Experience".


Episode 16. Don't Kill Me Doc!

The big three is back and finally recording in the same spot. On todays show we discuss a doctor charged with murder. A juror speaks out on the Bill Cosby case. Is it ok for a race other than African-Americans can say the word nigger.


Episode 17. Financial Independent

I'm solo today and I wanted to have a short convo about financial freedom. Is there anything you wanted to do or a business you wanted to start? Is life getting in the way? Maybe you are too afraid to out on a limb. Don't worry I got you covered.


Episode 18. Don't tell me what to wear!

On today's show we talk about illegal cavity searches in Missouri. A man does seventeen years on prison for a crime he didn't commit. Also can a man tell a woman what to wear?


Episode 19. You don't like your momma!

Today we touch on Jay Z's 4:44 album black-lash Kodak Black comments on darker women.Plus how important financial freedom is and more.Today we touch on Jay Z's 4:44 album black-lash Kodak Black comments on darker women.Plus how important financial freedom is and more


Episode 20. Lets go to the Bahamas!

It's my birthday! On today's show me and Jay talk about our trip to the Bahamas. What are the pros and cons of going on vacation. We can't forget about " The Game of Thrones" and our thoughts on episode 1.  Is Walmart responsible for a racial slur on their products?

Episode 21. Sleeping white talking black

On today's show me and a special guest Big L talk about is Tyler Perry going too far with his movies. If a movie about black issues being directed by a white director a bad thing. Also we discuss Michael Vick's controversial comments about Collin Kaepernick's hair.


Episode 22. Protect Yourself

On today's show we discuss the resignation of Sean Spicer. The juice getting parole! Was his time in jail too long?  We also have a little debate about who is more to blame for Usher's herpes situation. Me and Jay disagree.


Episode 23. Changes

On today's show I discuss that we are changing the format of the show. We are going to talk about real life situations including money, careers, and marriage.


Episode 24. Have we lost our freedom of speech

Today's show is a prelude to a bigger discussion about losing our freedom of speech. Words we use to use and words we can't say in today's world. Does these words really offend people or are we too sensitive?

Episode 25. Too Sensitive

On today's show me and Jay pick up where we left off last week continuing the discussion about freedom of speech. Is the world we stay in too sensitive? Also we discuss the comments that rapper Rick Ross state last week about signing female artist.


Episode 26. Disney pulling out?

On today's show we discuss Usher's most recent accuser. Is she lying or telling the truth. Disney is puling their content from Netflix, and starting a streaming service. Would you buy another streaming service? is this the new trend? We also we touch on the riots happening in Charlottesville Va.

Episode 27. Tears Of A Clown

White nationalist Chris Cantwell leader of the Charlottesville protest puts out a video of him crying about an arrest warrant. The end.


Episode 28. Back to school

On today's show me and Jay discuss kids going back to school, and how it was for us growing up. We also touch on why we think kids should wear uniforms because of bulling. Also we pay our respect to Dick Gregory.


Episode 29. Too late to evacuate!

On today's show we discuss what's going down in Houston. Is the backlash of Joel Olsteen fair? Is the police going to fair we get into a heated debate over the issue.


What To Do Before, During, And After A Hurricane!

On today's shown I go over things to do before, during, and after a hurricane. Please be safe!


The Everydayman Podcast 9 - 20 - 17

Is it hard being a faithful celebrity? On today's show I discuss the controversy behind Kevin Hart's latest video.


The Everydayman Podcast 9-27-17

On today's show I discuss the aftermath of the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Also the shooting in a church in Tennessee last Sunday. Is the protest in the NFL genuine?


The Everydayman Podcast 10-4-17

On today's show I discuss the legacy of Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner. We also give our thoughts on gun laws in the country, and the Las Vegas shooting.


The Everydayman 10 - 11 - 17

On today's show we discuss Mike Ditka's comments on oppression. Also the continuation of the Harvey Weinstein saga. Should actress speak out more in spite of them trying to make it in Hollywood?


The Everydayman 10 - 18 - 17

On today's show I give my thought on the new Black Panther trailer! We have another shooting this time at the work place.


The Everydayman 10 - 25 - 17

On today's show me and my co-host Kenneth discuss the pros and cons of the holidays. A couple on gets an unexpected package form Amazon. We also talk Amazon's new service. would you let a their employee in your house?


The Everydayman Halloween Special! 10 - 31 - 17

On our very first Halloween Special I talk about real stories that will leave you to afraid to sleep tonight! Are you afraid to die alone? Do you like scary movies? We also talk about the classic horror film "Halloween" directed by John Carpernter.

The Everydayman 11 -2-17

On today’s show me and Jay talk about the terrorist attack in Ny. Are the accusations against true against Kevin Spacey? Did he use the LGBTQ community to hide behind? Also we have another shooting in Colorado. Is anywhere safe?


The Everydayman 11-8-17

On today's show we discuss the Tyrese Gibson videos. Is he more valuable to The Fast and Furious than the Rock? We give our thoughts.


The Everydayman 11 - 15-17

Ok today’s show me and Jay talk about sexual assault going on around the country. Also Jay gives a personal story about when something happened to her.


The Everydayman! 11-29-17

On today’s show me, Jay, and Kenneth discuss and break down the Ifinity War trailer.


The Everydayman Podcast 01-03-18

This week on The Everydayman Podcast we talk about starting the new year. Now is the right time to start saving and planning for the future. Also we discuss our favorite moments and movies of 2017.


The Everydayman! 01-10-18

This week on The Everydayman we talk about the Golden Globes, and the H&M controversy. Was it really racial?


The Everydayman Podcast 1-31-18

This week on The Everydayman Podcast we discuss new trailer for Marvel's Antman and the Wasp. We also give out thoughts on the controversial "no lacking" challenge, Kim K's pics and more.


The Everydayman Podcast! 2-8-18

This week on The Everydayman Podcast a New York teacher show black kids how it feels to be slaves. We also give our thought on the Venom teaser, Deadpool 2 trailer and more.


The Everydayman! 3-2-18

We are back! On today's show we discuss the school shooting in Florida.
The President playing superhero, Alaska congressman dumb comments and more.


The Everydayman! 3-7-18

We are so excited! This is our first live stream! On today's show we talk about Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2. We also give our thoughts on the teaser for Luke Cage season 2 and more.


The Everydayman! 3-15-18

On this weeks show we talk about the bombing in Texas. Also we also discuss if Bruno Mars is a cultural vulture?